Cherry Spinach Smoothie

You’re 5 minutes and 4 ingredients away from this refreshing and healthy Cherry Spinach Smoothie. It makes a perfect breakfast or mid-day snack!

I am guessing I am not alone in trying to lose a few pounds before summer. As much fun as the winter was, now it is time to get back on track and adopt some healthy habits. Smoothies instead of chips for a snack is the way to go. Do you agree?

Ever since I got my super awesome Ninja Blender I instantly became a smoothie fan. I make smoothies almost daily and never get tired of experimenting with flavors. This Cherry Spinach smoothie is something I make repeatedly. The ingredients are simple and they create a wonderful texture and taste. All you need is some frozen cherries, spinach, banana and some milk.

If you don’t have frozen cherries, substitute them with strawberries; it will work just as well. Feel free to add a touch of honey if you like things on the sweet side.

As for the milk – the choice is yours. I enjoy almond and coconut milk the most, although soy, cashew or regular cow’s milk tastes great too. Which kind of milk do you prefer?
Servings : 2 servings
Prep Time : 5 minutes


1 banana
8 floz frozen cherries
1 handfull spinach
8 floz almond milk (or milk of your choice) I use Silk Almond Milk
3 ice cubes


1.Place all the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.