Eva’s Special Fried Rice


3 cup jasmine rice cooked
4 egg
2 brown onion diced
500 g bacon rashers diced
500 g prawns small cooked
500 g mixed vegetables
2 carrot grated
4 beef stock cube crushed
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
4 spring onion


STEP 1 : Add oil or butter to frypan and heat to high heat. Add eggs and cook until scrambled. Add bacon and brown onion until cooked through. Set aside.
STEP 2 : Re-heat rice and add crushed stock cubes and sweet soy sauce, stir through to combine.
STEP 3 : Add mixed vegetables, eggs, bacon and brown onions to rice mixture.
STEP 4 : Finally add the prawns and once it is all heated through, add the grated carrot and spring onions.
STEP 5 : Serve.


This quantity usually makes enough to feed all 5 of us plus enough left over for kids lunches the next day. I normally only use the green part of the spring onion. Cook the rice a couple of hours before you begin making the dish. To keep the rice from drying mix 1 tbs of butter through the rice once cooked and place in refrigerator.